Top 4 Questions for Organizational Attractiveness

Over the last few blog posts we have discussed what makes an organization attractive to future team members.

  • We’ve reminded you of the importance of your organizational traits and how those distinct characteristics can appeal to the job seeker whose values align with your own.
  • We’ve pointed out ways to be aware of, build, and maintain your reputation within your industry.
  • We’ve discussed how to cultivate your culture and the importance of organizational culture.
  • We’ve laid out the variables that make good team benefits at a company and what job seekers are really looking for in a career.

Now that you know all the ingredients that make your organization attractive, we’ve come up with some questions you can pose to test yourself to see if you really are appealing to a future employee.

4 Questions for Organizational Attractiveness


1. If you ask any current team member, “What are our organizational traits?” can they give you a correct answer?

How can you expect to convince people who aren’t even a part of your organization to identify what your unique traits are when even your current employees can’t? This is one red flag that you’ll want to address. Make sure that your traits are clear to your whole company so that these values shine through at all times.


2. Why did your last employee leave the organization?

Knowing this simple fact is being self-aware. If you know this then you are on the right path to knowing how to fix it and prevent high turnover.


3. List out three examples of your organization’s culture.

Okay, so this isn’t a question but it’s still an important exercise! If you can clearly show someone your organizational culture then future employees will see this and want to join in. Does your organization have fitness challenges? Trivia nights? Birthday lunches? Book clubs? Donuts on Fridays? Think creatively outside-the-box for more ideas!


4. What can you offer a new team member that transcends material possessions?

Can you offer them security? Self-worth? Self-identity? A purpose? Power? Potential? Autonomy? People are looking for all of these things in their new career, and if your organization can give this to them, we guarantee you’ll be one of the most appealing places to work for.


That’s it for our Attracting the Perfect Team series!  Contact us at Nexecute if you are ready to make your organization attractive to your ideal team member!


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