John Gave

Managing Partner, The Metiss Group

“We’ve been working with Chris Elias and his team at NEXECUTE® for many years to develop our strategic plan while growing our revenues by over 200%. We were thrilled with NEXECUTE®’S process to identify our long range objectives and develop execution strategies to achieve them. Without their robust process we would have struggled to execute our strategy but with them, they helped us exceed our growth expectations and the speed with which we accomplished our goals.

What we appreciated most about working with Chris and his team was their processes to clarify our vision and develop short and long term plans which delivered the expected results and more.”


Tiffany L. Amorosino

Co-Founder & President, Bella Sante Spas

“Chris Elias at Nexecute® brought Strategic Planning to our business….and it stuck!  I learned to identify the barriers and key performance issues that have been holding me and my team back. NEXECUTE® helped me focus on the most important priorities; like identifying where the largest margins are in our business and implementing a system of accountability. The NEXECUTE® process is not only challenging and insightful, but the team is also patient and understanding, with remarkable instincts, knowledge and experience. They bring an uncommon combination of seasoned business executive and coach, with unique perspectives and listening skills. The NEXECUTE® team’s coaching style and interpersonal skills are a perfect fit for any business or leader who wants to perform at a higher level. I have better habits, I have a stronger team and I have accountability on every level. The skills and concepts I’ve learned from NEXECUTE® are invaluable. “


Dave Schmehl

President & CEO, Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc.

“We started utilizing NEXECUTE®’s strategic planning philosophy and meeting facilitation skills about eight years ago. Over that course of time we have found ourselves to be more focused and better equipped to deliver short-term results that keep us on track for our long-term (three year) goals, even though those goals will change on an annual basis.

The NEXECUTE® style has been well received and his input has been invaluable in helping us achieve the level of success we have, as well as positioning us for great success in the future.”


David Pankotai

Executive Director, ConsumerLink Network, Inc.

“The words “Strategic Planning” used to cause me to have a significant, unpleasant physical reaction. After incalculable hours spent attempting to wordsmith a Mission or Vision statement in a group setting by adding more buzz-words and catch-phrases, the suggestion to update our strategic plan was enough to trigger a migraine…then I met Chris Elias from NEXECUTE®. ConsumerLink Network, Inc. has been working with NEXECUTE® since 2007.  My experience had been planning as a theoretical process – Chris puts your planning into practice! By breaking our plan into short-term, 90-day manageable chunks that work toward our annual goals and our five-year audacious ideals our team started making immediate progress. The model makes sense and it quickly permeated our organization from the board level down. Staff knowledge and participation in our strategic plan has been maintained at a high level. Teamwork, motivation, and internal communication have improved as a result of our work with NEXECUTE®.  If you would need to pull up a document in order to explain your strategic plan to a visitor – it may be time to change your planning approach by contacting the experts at NEXECUTE®.”


Camille Nicita

Principal and CEO, Gongos Research

“Nexecute® is amazing at the tough work of “people” and isn’t that what it all comes down to anyway?  Whether it is identifying and leveraging strengths or helping to create an environment that supports authenticity, vulnerability, and high performance. Mark’s open and unassuming approach helps get the tough issues out in the open… ultimately bringing out the best in people and therefore in companies.”


Mark A. Kirchmer

CEO, PolyFlex Products, Inc.

“I was drawn to Nexecute® when Mark Freier made a presentation to an executive group on the importance of personal and organizational development. Rather than focus on “weaknesses” Nexecute® gave the Leadership Team, and subsequently, the next level of leaders the tools to focus on individual strengths.  Interspersed in Nexecute® training and coaching are the principles of Transformational Leadership that moved us out of a culture of blame to self-awareness and personal responsibility. In fact, even my partners began to set aside their ego in order to “play to our strengths.” We have a growing sense of trust throughout the organization which leads to better communication. We have become a stronger organization since working with Nexecute®.”