Christopher Elias, Nexecute, Founder

Christopher A Elias, Co-Founder, Principal

Chris began his executive career as a Vice President of Administration of Big Boy Restaurants in 1990. In this position, Chris’ goal was to to develop and motivate his team while still aligning to the company’s mission and values. With this focus in mind, he was able to grow himself and the people around him into high performing employees and teams, which eventually led to a growth of responsibilities within the company. By 1996, Chris was named President of Big Boy and over the next 4 years, infused the company with his ethos, leading to one of the most successful turnarounds in the company’s history.

After leaving the company in 2000, Chris decided to focus on bringing his successful strategies to other organizations. Since then, he has grown Nexecute®’s corporate strategy program to address the full health of an organization from the Elephant Conversation™ to the Value Multiplier™ through his Results Optimizer™ System.


Mark R Freier, Co-Founder, Principal

Like many people, Mark took a circuitous path to his current role as a partner of Nexecute®. His career was shaped by the rigors of parochial schooling where he received a Masters of Divinity in 1982. In 1994, his personal and professional life was thrown into chaos after a bout with thyroid cancer, radiation treatment, and a subsequent cross-country move. Through the turmoil, Mark learned that the greatest gift he could give others was a life that was both inner-directed and other-focused. In 2000, it was this focus that brought the former trainer for the Detroit Red Wings, who was a parishioner at Mark’s church, to ask Mark for coaching in the areas of core values, purpose and people development.

The part-time business that sprang from this initial training continued to expand until Mark realized that a reset in his life had to occur. In 2004, he resigned from ministerial life and focused on how he could impact organizational health. He spent 5 years as the general manager of a conference center where his mandate was to build a cohesive leadership team and a healthy culture. During this time Mark met Chris Elias and it didn’t take long before they became partners in Nexecute®.


Mark Freier, Partner, Nexecute