The Dynamic Advantage™ promotes:

  • Trust
  • Engagement
  • Accountability
  • Results


The Decision

Every organization wants what The Dynamic Advantage™ promotes. The question is, “How do you do that?” It involves some intentional decision-making, like dedicating time, having the right content, and creating a learning environment where the principles are taught, facilitated and coached by proven experts in the field.

The Dynamic Advantage™, Nexecute

” The Children’s Center’s top 20 management team members recently completed the Trust MagnifierTM workshop as we continue to strive to build a cohesive leadership team.  It was fabulous! 

We knew we had some challenges in the area of trust amongst our leaders and that fact was trickling down throughout the organization.  The six sessions were very informative and impactful.  After 38 years in a variety of top leadership positions, this training series has been the best I’ve experienced.  It was very thorough, leaving us with practical tools to utilize into the future.  We are now becoming transformational leaders!  I commend Mark and Chris for the great work and highly recommend this course as well as others offered by Nexecute.”

Debora Matthews, President & Chief Executive Officer
The Children’s Center – Detroit


The Practice

It is a process that allows organizations to improve in the long-term.

More than talking about trust, it means diving into learning about trust, practicing trust, and having honest conversations that build trust.

It’s about personal development based on Transformational Leadership and team development with the goal of becoming a high-functioning team.

It’s about reviewing progress and figuring out how to get through obstacles.

It’s about believing in and practicing accountability.

It’s about intentionally creating a culture of engagement, where people have a real sense of ownership.

It’s about mastering the habits of confrontation and conflict so that discussions can be productive, and debate can lead to maximum results.  

“You did a great job!

The whole Team said that this was extremely valuable content and that your vulnerable stories set the stage for more honest conversations.  We all believe the assignment you gave us is going to facilitate extremely valuable and transformational conversations; ultimately building deeper levels of trust.”



The Value Multiplier™

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