Attracting the Perfect Team

In a previous blog series, we discussed how to develop and maintain your culture as an organization. We also know that a great culture is cultivated by the team members you are able to attract. So, how do you go about finding them?

The Importance of Being Attractive in the Job Market

It’s no secret that today’s job market is wildly competitive. More and more companies are growing at exponential rates with new positions to fill every day. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of job applicants that have the right skills, attitude, work ethic, and personality to fit perfectly into your well-oiled machine–your organization, and these applicants seem to be incredibly hard to find!

Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that you are getting those select few through your door for an interview. After all, they should see your organization as the right fit for them as well. While it’s true that you might have a specific position you are hiring for, you’re also hiring a person with dreams and ambitions of their own. Maybe you find the perfect person only to discover that they may not love one facet of their job. Are you willing to work with them to craft a position that is optimal for both sides in the long-run to hold onto a diamond in the rough? These are questions you need to consider even before the hiring begins.

So, let’s talk about what it takes for successful recruitment.


Ingredients to Recruiting the Perfect Team Member

Before you even start the hiring process you need to have certain things in place to make sure your organization is attractive to your ideal job applicant. Think about what is important to your employees. Maybe ask them. Do a survey. Take them out to lunch. What made them what to work here? Why do they stay? You’ll find that their answers typically fall into one of these four categories:

1. Unique Organizational Traits

First, take a long hard look at your organization and start recognizing what makes yours different from others out there. What are those singular aspects that can be used to describe you? Is your organization innovative? Is it modern? Is it flexible? Is it grass-roots? Maybe it’s been around for a long time and that history is part of what makes it so attractive. You need to find those qualifiers and embrace them.

2. Your Reputation

This may seem self-explanatory, but it means your reputation in all perspectives. Not only to the general public and your clients, but also to your competitors and your industry. People talk. What if a disgruntled employee went to a competitor and complained that your organization didn’t compensate its employees fairly? Or what if, in general, the industry considers you to have a high turnover rate? Know what people are saying about you so can be self-aware and prepared to manage that reputation.

3. Organizational Culture

As you might know, Nexecute places a huge emphasis on culture. It is, quite possibly, the most important thing about an organization. It keeps people happy, which keeps them working and keeps the company growing. Simple as that. If you want to read more about culture, click here.

4. Benefits (More than a “Package”)

Yes, benefits are important. Without a doubt, one-hundred percent! Especially in the ever-changing job world, where hours are more flexible, dress is more casual, and vacation is unlimited, you need to have benefits that can compete. But it’s not just about vacation time and insurance, it’s about being able to empower your employees. You want to show them that they can rise in the ranks and hold a position that they’ve always wanted. Mainly, you want them to have pride in their work and that often comes down to autonomy.

Throughout the next few blog posts, we will be taking a deeper dive into the four ingredients so you can learn how to excel at each one and attract your perfect team member.

Next, in this series, we will discuss how to find your unique organizational traits to stand out amongst other organizations like yours.