“What I learned changed me as a leader, a parent and a friend. I learned I have five strengths unique to me, and with those I can focus on what I excel at, and in turn share with my team.  I understand all of us have strength’s and we can build a connection with each other and work towards the positives. When we align to our core values we’re able to problem solve as a team, and more importantly listen as one. We are reminded that to function as a team words like ‘they’ and ‘them’ are eliminated from our vocabulary, and we become an ‘us’ and ‘we’ – a team.”

Crystl Underhile, Team Leader – Orchid Orthopedic Solutions



The Dynamic Advantage™

The Leadership Demonstrator™, Nexecute

Mission Builder™

As senior leaders move through The Leadership Demonstrator™ they make the decision to further support their team’s ongoing personal development through a process called Mission Builder™ – where individuals uncover their values, clarify their purpose, and articulate a crystal clear personal Mission Statement.

The career benefits of The Mission Builder™ include:

  • The Ability to Clearly Communicate What You Bring to the Job: Our lives are filled with things to accomplish. The demands on our attention, time, and energy seem to be endless. What does it all add up to in the end? For those who have taken the time to live by a personal mission, actions have meaning and significance. They are able to communicate clearly what they bring to their personal and professional opportunities. “Successful people are fanatical about framing what they say in terms of goals and values. Their answers to most questions end with a segue both to the goal or mission with which they are practically engaged.” (Success Built to Last by Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, Mark Thompson)
  • A Singular Focus to Life: We each have many different roles that we fulfill every day. A personal mission is greater than any role and the circumstances around it. Focusing on your mission provides a singular focus. In times of change, it provides a rock of stability and forward direction that brings peace and integrity to turbulent times.
  • A Commitment to Personal Development: Each person is responsible for his or her own personal development. There is nothing more important to success than to be empowered with the skills to develop to your fullest potential. “The leadership challenge is to enable people to sense their individual worth and potential for greatness, and contribute to their talents and passions – their voice – to accomplish the organization’s highest priorities in a principled way.” (The 8th Habit by Stephen Covey) This is a proactive choice in personal development.

The Leadership Demonstrator™, Nexecute Group

For me, self-discovery has often been a muddy process leading to more questions and fewer answers. MissionBuilder™ brought clarity by unlocking key fundamental truths about my relationship with myself and others. My purpose in life was strengthened as I was given a deeper understanding of my unique abilities and how they impact my relationships and career choices. I have and will continue to recommend Nexecute™ to those seeking guidance on the next step in life.

Nathan Bohannon, MSF, CFP® – Wealth Coach, MKD Wealth Coaches

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