Imagine being able to say, “I am doing what I was created to do. I contribute to the world in a significant manner. I live with a clear purpose.”

Believing these statements doesn’t happen by accident. It comes with intentionality. The commitment to start a journey of personal transformation along with consistent effort combined with the right process and coaching will help you push through obstacles so that you can live with a deepening level of courage and clarity.

RecalibrateYou™ is a uniquely designed process to optimize your life.

Having a balanced life is a myth.

The key to life is to find your center.

Anchor yourself in your values, purpose and mission.


You helped our staff to discover and clarify their own personal mission and values…helping them become more effective and self-accepting, not only at work but also at home and in their community.

Dr. Tim Hogan, PsyD, LP, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
Director, Grace Counseling Center

Engage With Your Key Strengths

Nexecute knows that successful people are clear about their mission as they work toward their goals.

In the hands of a gifted coach or trusted advisor, RecalibrateYou™ offers  a multi-faceted approach for long-lasting transformation. It is not a canned program. Rather, RecalibrateYou™ is designed to be an actual “Tool Kit” that can be customized for each person, regardless of age or professional background.

The center-piece of the process is the Life Calibrator™ which clarifies your life’s purpose and mission. You will learn the value of your story, uncover your personal core values, learn how to engage with your key strengths and identify your purpose so that you can eventually articulate a crystal clear personal Mission Statement.

My coach helped me to create the space needed to take a few steps back and helped me uncover my purpose and rediscover my passion. By doing so, I adjusted my course by 1º and have a whole new path that I’ve charted for myself. A path that for the first time in my life is one that leads to complete joy each and every time. His coaching approach was kind, compassionate and caring. He leads from his heart and provides the tools necessary to work through any struggles or obstacles in your path.

From Lisa Pritzl
Empowerment Dance, Inc – Owner/Instructor

Utilizing the RecalibrateYouTM tools in my coaching allows me to be more efficient and effective. The tools keep us focused and ​ strengthen my ability to coach with a strong, deep, and lasting impact—for my clients as well as myself.

The outcome objectives of RecalibrateYou™ is that you will be equipped to:

Integrate the on-going process of personal development engaging in self-assessment and self-management.

Assimilate and practice the skill sets (dynamics) of being a transformational person.

Discover and recalibrate your personal life according to your unique purpose, values, and strengths concluding with a concise Purpose Statement and Mission Statement.

For me, self-discovery has often been a muddy process leading to more questions and fewer answers. RecalibrateYou™ brought clarity by unlocking key fundamental truths about my relationship with myself and others.

My purpose in life was strengthened as I was given a deeper understanding of my unique abilities and how they impact my relationships and career choices. I have and will continue to recommend Nexecute to those seeking guidance on the next step in life.”

Nathan Bohannon, MSF, CFP®
Wealth Coach, MKD Wealth Coaches
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Why do you need RecalibrateYou™?

Because self-awareness is incredibly difficult, complex and often avoided. Quite frankly, because self-awareness is so challenging, we spend most of our time moving to the next task at work or home rather than doing the inner work. No wonder Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “What lies behind and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” The inner work doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it’s about having the right process.