A Courageous Leader Does What’s Necessary

In this series, we proposed that being courageous is an essential characteristic of leaders. We covered the importance of facing reality and speaking the truth. However, possibly the most difficult task of them all is to actually do what must be done. Courageous leaders take action!

Too often we slip into thinking someone else will take care of this. Maybe we don’t say it, but we’ve heard enough leader’s lament that sentiment. If everyone thought that way, of course, nothing of worth would get done!

A courageous leader steps up and does what’s necessary, regardless of how difficult and uncomfortable those tasks might be.

Here are just a few possible examples:
  • Having a difficult conversation about a breach of trust.
  • Confronting someone about a broken promise.
  • Holding people accountable.
  • Firing an underperforming employee that people really like.
  • Changing processes most people are comfortable with.


Try Not to Second-Guess

It’s natural, of course, to second-guess ourselves. After all, there’s a lot at stake: people’s jobs, their pride and egos, and ruining the culture that is so critical to an organization. When we second-guess these decisions, we run the risk of seeking validation from other from influential team members or worse, from everyone involved. We’re here to tell you: that’s not necessary.

By this point, you’ve done the work. You’ve faced reality, identified the problem, collected concerns, voiced the truth. Now you need to do what is best for the organization as a whole, not what’s best for every single person. Personalities will clash and their goals will be different from each other. Don’t try to please everyone, because leading by committee wouldn’t be leading—it would be chaos.

After all, you get the culture you create.


Make Decisions and Act

Stop making excuses and start making decisions. You may try to put off executing the plan or having that rough conversation simply because you are hoping that the problem will go away on its own. Guess what? It won’t. It will stay and it will only get worse.

It’s time to call upon your courage and do what’s necessary.


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