Managing Dysfunctional Teams With The Right Interactions

Having a team that isn’t executing the plan while being relationally at odds can really put a damper on work and the organization’s culture. Although they say that problems usually start at the top, it’s worth asking, “As a leader, what are you doing to contribute to the problem? Is there a possibility that you need to act differently?” With the help of business advisors from Nexecute, you could reinvent the way your team works and make business booming again. 


How Should You Act With Each Interaction?

The way we hold ourselves can make or break a situation. And each situation calls for different verbal and nonverbal communications. As a leader, you need to be open to your team members, while knowing that you can hold people accountable and still treat them with dignity. 

Here’s is what we’ve learned about interactions with employees: 

  • Eye contact. No matter what situation you’re in, keeping solid eye contact with your employees shows that you’re engaged and serious about what’s happening. No matter if you’re leading a meeting or talking with someone one-on-one—eye contact is key. They are scanning to sense your level of engagement. 
  • Keep a friendly, but firm tone. Leaders learn the skill and practice the art of knowing how to balance healthy relational interactions and meeting priorities. The more you practice this level of transformational leadership your employees will follow you.  
  • Roll your shoulders back. When you roll your shoulders back, your spine also straightens. This gives you a look of confidence so that even when you’re unsure of yourself, your employees have faith in you. This isn’t about pretending. Rather it’s about practicing a posture of showing that you are willing to shoulder the responsibility of leadership. 

Leaders bring forth the best in themselves and in others. Whether in good times or when facing adversity, they know when to step up. Learning to become a courageous leader could be the key to reinventing the way your team works. And it all starts with how you hold yourself.


Knowing When To Ask For Help

As a leader, your team expects you to be ready and have yourself together. But there comes a point when your dysfunctional team is affecting business. When it just becomes too hard to gauge the issue, that’s when our business advisors can step in and help. Part of being a good leader is being able to admit when there’s an issue and you need help with it. Contact us today to begin reshaping your business and managing your dysfunctional teams. Our business advisors are here to help you out.


Nexecute Can Help You With Managing Your Dysfunctional Teams

Our business advisors aim to help you in any way we can. Are you looking to get our help for your team? Schedule an elephant conversation with us today! If you have questions for us on the other hand, please feel free to give us a call at 888.378.8808, email us at [email protected] or send us an online message. We look forward to helping you with managing your dysfunctional teams and getting your business back on track.