The Transformational Leadership Difference

What Does It Mean To Be A Leader?

It’s likely every organization—and every person for that matter—has a different definition of leadership. The dictionary definition of leadership is pretty straightforward: “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.” But HOW someone leads makes the difference between success and failure. Here at Nexecute, we’re believers in transformational leadership. To be a transformational leader, it takes more than being in charge and calling the shots. A transformational leader doesn’t intimidate—they motivate.  


The Transformational Leadership Difference

With transformational leadership, leaders inspire people to achieve unexpected or remarkable results. They have learned that people will follow because of WHO they are, not WHAT they do.

Its counterpoint would be transactional leadership, which relies on authority to get results. But the difference is about more than a Machiavellian argument of being loved or feared. Its effects are long-reaching and well-worth the effort. A recent Forbes article, “The Secret to Transformational Leadership,” touts its many benefits. This leadership style positively impacts innovation, organizational performance as well as employee’s job performance and satisfaction (more on that next). Why should you care as a company leader? All of these effects point to greater profitability for you business.


The Impact Of Transformational Leadership On Employees

You don’t just want to become a transformational leader—you want to surround yourself with them. Growing transformational leaders grows your business. By understanding, advocating, connecting, and communicating, you can start making huge impacts. The most immediate benefit of transformational leadership, also according to Forbes, is employee engagement. Engaged employees are inspired by the company’s mission and are excited about being a part of it. Engagement also affects performance, retention, and culture. According to the Harvard Business Review, engaged employees are more satisfied and productive. And that, in turn, increases your company’s bottom line.


How To Become A Transformational Leader

We make a clear distinction between having a manager mindset and a leadership mind-set. Managers focus on tasks. Leaders focus on results. The amount of time and energy that should be devoted to each depends on your role in the organization. What we know about evelating to transformational leadershp is that it takes Courage. The courage to face reality, speak the truth, and do what is necessary.

Building up and protecting your reputation, both inside your organization and out in the public.

  • Self-awareness: To work on your reputation, you need to have complete self-awareness. Take some of that aforementioned courage, mix it with a little humility, and talk to people about what they REALLY think. Employee surveys, exit interviews, industry contacts, and the community at large can all give you valuable feedback. With this information, you then need to recognize that change happens from the inside-out.
  • Self Management: To change your world, you have to change yourself first. Start by paying more attention to your interior world: notice how you think and how you hold yourself accountable. Even the smallest changes to yourself can begin to impact your work life, your coworkers, and your company’s success.


Nexecute Executes Transformational Leadership

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