Why Nexecute Acts as Trusted Advisors Not Business Consultants

How many times have you had a consultant sitting across from you telling you what you need to do when you realized you weren’t paying full attention? There may have been thoughts going through your head like “What does this person really know about my business?” Has this consultant ever lead a company? Yes, they may have a MBA or even, on occasion, a PhD, but what have they really done? Have they been a career consultant, learning a set process on leadership – a process that is applied exactly the same for each client? The truth is that there are a lot of consulting companies that work this way.

We’re not talking about the ones that have been hired to complete a specific task or implement a specific process – there is a definite need for this in the business world. We’re talking about the ones that are there to supposedly help your leadership and company improve. If a consultant hasn’t “sat in the chair”, then how can they look eye-to-eye with a CEO or President of a large organization and tell them what they should do? How can a consultant truly have empathy if they don’t have the experience?

Nexecute was founded on a different principle. Chris Elias and Mark Freier, the Co-Founders of Nexecute bring decades of experience as former Presidents and CEOs. They established their business approach as a team of trusted advisors specializing in key areas to help companies optimize results. Business growth is not an easy thing to achieve and it certainly does not happen overnight or by accident. Instead, growth happens through intentional evolutionary and revolutionary changes in people and processes.

It’s true, “It’s lonely at the top.” Leading an organization can be daunting, painful, or even scary. Who can you talk to without biases? With whom you can be honest? Nexecute advisors bring real life experience to business. As former Presidents and CEOs they have “sat in the chair.” They are capable of empathizing with leaders as they make tough decisions because they have had to make those decisions themselves. They also know that most leaders get stuck in executing the plan. Nexecute believes that all the planning and strategy in the world will not work if that plan is not carried out. Therefore, it takes intentional effort uniquely crafted to the business: putting the right people and right processes in place and then pushing the business the extra mile.

It is for these reasons and more that Nexecute takes an advisory role with leaders, offering a hands-on approach to ensure the organizations they work with have the tools to achieve success. They have developed many tools to help facilitate the changes required to be made, but their approach is totally customizable based on the needs of a client. As they like to ask, “Why would you use a hammer when a screwdriver is more appropriate for the task?”

1. As Trusted Advisors, Nexecute Advises

Nexecute believes that business leaders crave honesty. Therefore, their candid recommendations as advisors are based on their experience; moving from the theoretical to the practical. It starts with drilling down to the root of the problem. They don’t stop at the first, superficial answers when asking hard questions like:

  • “Is the organization actually in trouble and why?”
  • “Are there challenges that are being ignored?”
  • “What is the actual truth about your team?”
  • “Are you or members of your executive team truly willing to make the tough decisions to move the company forward?”
  • “Are you really letting go of making all the decisions, rather than holding your team accountable for their performance and expected results?

Instead, they challenge their clients to find the issues underneath the problems – the root issues. And they know that to do this, both the Nexecute team and their clients have to commit to a level of courage and honesty that may be uncomfortable. They advise on the organizational level while still focusing on the individuals and their personal development.

2. As Trusted Advisors, Nexecute Facilitates

As facilitators, they focus on action and results. As pretty as a plan is, if there aren’t steps that people within the organization can understand and execute, then the plan is pointless. For as long as the process takes, Nexecute is committed to delivering action and results through processes that are designed to accelerate and expedite the decisions making process for both teams and individuals. This includes their revolutionary leadership training (it’s like no other you’ve ever been to), to the unique tools designed to transform leaders and help people execute.

3. As Trusted Advisors, Nexecute Challenges

Lastly, they promise to never sacrifice the long-term health or goals of a company for quick, cheap fixes. Just like a home that is built with poor planning, poor foresight, and cheap materials will crumble at the first sign of a strong wind (if it ever gets built at all), a company without a focus on the future will stumble at the first hurdle and slide back into old, unprofitable habits. Daily decisions will be made for the moment which could either impede progress or, worse yet, take them off target in achieving the long-term goals. This can be catastrophic.

Nexecute is committed to ensuring that never happens. Therefore, their job is to bring true issues to the center of conversations, push leaders to reach the best decisions, hold leaders accountable for their promises, and ensure processes are in place that ensure day-to-day decision making is aligned to the long-term goals of the company.

Ultimately, because Nexecute’s approach is as Trusted Advisors, they like to think of themselves more like your partner. Their desire is your success.