Five Reasons You Need Trusted Business Advisors

Why would anyone need a business consultant? Having outsiders come into your business, telling you what you already know, working their plan, and then leaving is not a pleasant or helpful experience. Nexecute tends to agree. Which is why we don’t tout ourselves as Michigan-based business consultants. Instead, we are trusted business advisors who engage in the process of helping you execute your business plans so that you succeed. Nexecute is in the business of doing. But why would you need a business consultant at all?

Why Are You Unsatisfied?

Finding yourself on a ship moored in harbor is an interesting experience. You’re not out there on the open sea being tossed around by storms; you’re not about to crash into craggy rocks and become a sun-bleached sailor on the sand. Things are not bad. But then again, things aren’t that great either.

Because when you are a ship moored in the harbor, that also means you’re not out there on the open sea racing towards your next adventure; you’re not about to discover buried treasure or reach an uncharted land. You’re there. Stuck in harbor. Not moving.

There are times in business where we feel like the moored ships. It’s not that things are terrible, but they’re also not exciting, fulfilling, or rewarding either. There’s no forward momentum. And the true problem with stagnation is that it will ultimately lead to failure if it’s allowed to fester long enough.

Trusted Business Advisors Can Help You Take Action

Once you realize that this is a problem in your organization and you start to have ideas about how to grow and improve, what’s next? For many people, this is where the buck stops. They have a vague idea in their heads but it’s never fully realized.

In the next five blog posts, we’ll lay out for you specifically how using a trusted business advisor can help your organization chart a course to success. We believe trusted business advisors should specialize in key areas to help companies achieve results. Through these steps, you’ll see how a focus on action and results is the paradigm shift from traditional “consulting” to trusted advisors.

  1. Strategic Planning

Everyone knows, you can trust a man (or woman!) with a plan. And having a plan for how to grow your business is a great start. But the real question you need to ask yourself is: will the plan bring me the results I’m looking for? Is it actionable? Can my team carry this out successfully?

2. Goal Setting

If you don’t know where you’re heading, you won’t know how to get there. Setting real, achievable goals for yourself and your organization are the only way to move forward. After all, if you don’t have goals, there’s no way to hold yourself or others accountable for outcomes (of lack thereof).

3. Leadership Development

For your organization to grow, you and your team need to grow. Developing leadership and management skills is key to keeping your plan on track. We believe leadership development needs be grounded in reality, fortified with the right mindset, and learned in an environment where it can be practiced, challenged, and perfected.

4. Team Alignment

When pushing forward with your plan, it’s important to remember: you’re not doing this alone. Being able to effectively communicate with your team to get them on board and to ensure they understand the how as well as the why of the plan is key. Great teams work on trusting one another, because then they aren’t afraid of hard conversations. Instead they are committed to achieving success together.

5. Execution

Plans don’t produce results, execution of the plan does. Regardless of what work you’ve put into things on the front end, if you aren’t able to execute your plan, then none of that matters. This is key to the process: tirelessly working with you until you are satisfied with your results.

Trusted business advisors might not be as easy to find, but they will take a deep dive into the workings of your company to truly understand the root of the issue.