Benefits of Investing in Your Leadership Team

Where Are All The Transformational Leaders?

We’ve all worked for an O.K. business. Things are chugging along fine, but there isn’t the aura of excitement or growth that makes you want to get up in the morning and keep pushing through the mountain of emails in your inbox or continue making progress on that project that has stretched out into month 6, 7, or 8. There’s nothing horribly wrong with your workplace or your boss or your team; there’s just the vague sense that everything at work is blah. How did it get here?

It’s easy to blame management (or leadership, or both), but this is one type of issue where key influencers really can make a difference, no matter what role you fill on the Org Chart. If you are working with truly transformational leaders, it doesn’t matter what direction the company is going or if it’s a startup or a business that’s been around for 100 years; you will feel an exciting forward momentum, pulling you and your team along towards new goals, new ideas, and bigger growth. Our work as Michigan business consultants has put us in contact with many businesses over the years, so we have picked up a few tips.

Transformational Leadership Coaching

So how does company leadership get to the point at which they are truly “transformational”?  It’s difficult to do alone. People usually lean into their strengths and can often develop pretty intense anxieties and fears around things they don’t see as their forte. A numbers guy may avoid the touchy-feely side of leadership. Or the natural salesperson may avoid dealing with the logistics needed to ensure a project’s overall success. Only favoring one side of your personality is a lopsided way to lead, and sometimes you need an outside perspective to help you face the aspects of your performance you’ve been neglecting.

Working with a leadership coach will not only help you better play to your strengths, you will learn how to manage your weaknesses and leverage them to partner with others on the team, thereby building a well-rounded team. More than that, you will become more aware of blind spots and beliefs that may be limiting you. You will also discover positive passions and learn how to tap into them to become more productive. A truly unbiased view of yourself will allow you to practice the skill and art of being a transformational leader.

The Leadership DemonstratorTM

You may have been through a leadership program before. You probably sat in a large conference room with lots of other colleagues, diligently taking notes and then, maybe at the end, you got the chance to ask a few questions. The Leadership DemonstratorTM is not that.

Rather than a one-time seminar, the Leadership DemonstratorTM is a proven leadership system which can be used for investing in your leadership team. It is a series of workshops that helps participants identify when to manage and when to lead, expanding even further on how to manage and lead. The workshops include case studies to analyze and real-time projects to practice generating an exponential ROI. Leadership skills are advanced and the art of leadership is practiced with homework and tests between sessions. The Nexecute team has proven tools to help you to uncover who you are as a leader and how your unique skill set can be used to be productive and achieve excellence by creating a transformational team who can help you execute your goals.

This process will require introspection and honesty, and may not be for everyone. However, as previously discussed, transformational leaders must be fearless. By uncovering your own strengths and becoming aware of what drives you, you’ll be able to impact all areas of your life: job, family, and friends.

Transformational Leaders Make Transformational Teams

The very best part of the Leadership DemonstratorTM is that it is designed to be brought back to the rest of your team. You’ll be able to help them create their own transformational breakthroughs, allowing them to reach their own potential as leaders and managers. If you’re ready to bring the spark of forward momentum back to your organization, contact Nexecute about investing in your leadership team today.