Deep Dive: Strength Maximizer

In September of 2016, Mark Freier spoke with the host of the Tech Radio Program on Newsradio Wood 106.9FM in Grand Rapids, MI. During the hourlong program, Mark spoke about his experience working with leadership teams and how he has implemented the Results Optimizer to help make executive teams smarter, faster, and stronger.

In particular, the Mark discussed his personal experience with the Strengths Finder:

“What happens with Strength Finder is there are 34 talent themes that…help you start this process by learning your top 5. And we call these your top 5 dominant talent themes. For me, it really dovetailed into what I do well. In fact, I could start with the end game and tell you that I play to my strengths every day and I love what I do because I’m actually playing to my top 5 talent themes. So, for instance, when I took Strengths Finder (and these have been my top 5 talent themes throughout), one of my themes was “Woo: Winning Others Over”. And I thought, ‘Well what does that mean?” And sure enough, Strengths Finder began to teach me that I like meeting people and I like to try to create environments where people feel safe, and I can make them learn.”

To find out what Mark identified as his other talent themes and how they led him to a fulfilling career, listen to the whole interview here.