Finding Your Best Fit

In an interview with Business Insider, Google Executive Ivy Ross discussed how she created a diverse, eclectic career by only accepting jobs after asking herself two key questions: “What am I going to learn?” and “Are they going to use me for what I do best?”

While these questions are great guidance for job seekers when they are looking for a career that allows them to grow as well as find job satisfaction, they can also help those already in a job create a long-term vision for themselves and their teams.

When Nexecute® works with organizations using the Momentum Accelerator™, we emphasize the power of finding your key players and putting them into positions that allow them to influence their team. One way of finding and engaging those key players is to ask a slightly different version of Ross’ questions: “Am I using this employee for what they do best?” and “Am I providing an opportunity for this employee to learn new skills?”

Another way to leverage Ross’ questions within your company is to challenge you and your employees to adapt these questions for yourselves. Nexecute® does this in the Dynamic Advantage™ Regardless of whether you are the CEO or manager, by asking “What do I do best?”, you can start to hone in on your strengths and formulate your own long-term career plan. This in turn helps you to see how you fit into the organization’s future and how you can contribute to that future. At Nexecute® we have developed our unique tools around StrengthFinder 2.0. We find it to be an incredibly powerful way to give team members active ownership of their position within the company.

Now, once you have identified what you do best, the journey isn’t over. In order to continue to optimize your growth, the next question you have to ask is “How will I continue to learn.” The answer to this can be as simple as using your newfound insights in the rest of your life. In fact, once you start looking to grow your unique areas of strength, you may find that you can’t help but share it with your friends and family.

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