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We’ve led organizations and we’ve made the tough decisions. We’ve learned from classrooms and reading books, but our deep bench of knowledge comes from long days in the boardroom spent trying things, making mistakes, and finding ways to do better.

After a combined 57 years working with corporate leadership teams, we are committed to the idea that real results can only be achieved when an organization clarifies its true issues, defines its core values, and focuses on its key players. Our 5-step process, named The Results Optimizer ™, combines these ideas and creates a system designed to make your company smarter, faster, and stronger. While it is not for the feint of heart, The Results Optimizer ™ will lead to a lasting cultural shift within your organization which will produce results.


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We’ve been working with Chris Elias and his team at NEXECUTE® for many years to develop our strategic plan while growing our revenues by over 200%. 

– John Gave