The Roadmap (One-Page Plan)

The Roadmap is the foundational piece which, first of all, clarifies the right principles and focus to set the strategy for the organization and secondly, serves as the alignment piece for execution: including identifying yearly initiatives and quarterly priorities. It is designed to be discussed in a two-day (preferably off-site) meeting with the senior leaders and then aligned to every quarter at a one-day meeting with the senior leaders.

The Pillars of a Great Culture

The foundation of a great culture consists of four pillars. This is a series of exercises and workshops that define the four pillars in the context of the organization’s desired culture. Not only are these pillars defined, but strategies for implementing and driving culture are developed

Core Values Discovery

This workshop defines the true Core Values of the organization, how they are currently impacting the culture, and how leaders can implement processes that ensure the desired

culture is built and maintained. (Note: If an organization does not have established Core Values, the initial component of this workshop will be to discover and create a list of organizational Core Values. If the organization already has a list of Core Values, the initial component of this workshop will focus on testing the validity and accuracy of the Core Values.)

The Meeting Rhythm Scheduler

Study the pattern and record the desired rhythms of meetings: daily huddles, weekly meetings, monthly meetings and quarterly meetings.

Designing Your Dashboard

Measure Key financial metrics that drive long-term success

5 Whys

Record the technique of cause-and-effect. The primary goal is to determine the root cause of problems and challenges.

The Employee Scorecard

The benefit of The Employee Scorecard is that all the important information is at the finger-tips of a leader.

Team Effectiveness Scorecard

For a team to achieve world-class results leaders should periodically assess critical areas by keeping score of alignment to the organization, accountability, trust, and alignment to Core Values.

Getting to True Alignment

This Tool contains essential areas to create alignment in a variety of workshops:

  • The Core Values Catalyst™
     An exercise designed to help individuals reflect on the Core Values and identify behaviors that align to them.
  • 5 Ways to Define Purpose
    An exercise designed to clearly articulate the purpose of the organization and what it means to align behavior and performance to purpose.
  • The B.H.A.G. Identifier™
    Record the process of identifying the B.H.A.G.
  • The Interaction Booster™
    Track a team’s Kolbe score and identify the “worst mistakes you can make when communicating with that person.”
  • The Initiative Focuser™
    Identify and measure key financial metrics and one-year goals
  • Our Top 5 Priorities
    Identify and measure quarterly priorities