Leadership vs Management

This tool has multiple phases used in a variety of workshops designed to identify the difference between having a leadership and management mindset as well as provide a means to learn, evaluate, and implement these mindsets appropriately in a variety of work environments.

Achieving Excellence

This workshop contains essential areas to evaluating how to hire, coaching and keep the right people in the right seat.

  • The Excellence Evaluation Matrix: Nexecute has identified a unique ranking system to identify employees with levels of potential in both areas. The goal is to have most employees excelling no matter of their position in the organization. 5 6
  • Maximizing Instincts, Minimizing Strain: A Kolbe profile is designed to identify a person’s M.O. – preferred mode of operation. This tool is designed to facilitate the process of self-awareness.
  • Measuring Success: Beyond a job description, this tool is designed to identify how success is measured for individuals and metrics by which they can be held accountable.
  • Performance Acceleration: Once key metrics are identified, skills can be categorized and rated according to proficiency.


The Productivity Magnifier

This workshop gives people the opportunity to take a critical look at what they do and honestly reflect on which activities drain them and which ones give them energy.

The Path to Delegation

This tool defines the specific path and principles to delegation that if practiced, can be a critical tool in developing others and increasing business results.

The Art of Communication

Most people will agree that organizations need to have better communication. While there is general agreement, it is a challenge to know exactly what that means and how to better communicate. This tool is designed to define the basic principles of communication as well as the practices of communication which are both a science and “art.”

Defining Your Customer Experience

This workshop is designed to help people identify their specific customer(s) and the services provided to them by having clarity of brand promise, value proposition, and the competitive advantage.

From Busy to Productive

The tool is designed to help individuals take a critical look at their daily activities and evaluate which ones are yielding the greatest results; knowing which ones to keep doing, stop doing, and start doing (including which ones to delegate to another person).

The Velocity of Change

This workshop not only addresses the principles around change, it also helps participants evaluate change in their organization, its impact, and how to approach change moving forward.