The Positive Edge

Resisting deep and lasting change keeps us in a “victim mentality.” This workshop is designed to help Transformational Leaders recognize they have a choice no matter how bad the reality may be at any given point: to move from a “victim mentality” to an “accountability mentality.”

Venturing into Vulnerability

It is easy to succumb to the temptation that we are too busy to the do the “real inner work.” We do what we know how to do and remain in our comfort zone. In this workshop, we focus on the principles of vulnerability, its positive impact, and practices to become more of our authentic self.

The Genius of Mentoring

This is an extensive training manual designed to teach individuals the principles, technique, and art of mentoring and used to train the mentors who participate in The Leadership IntensifierTM Curriculum.

The StrengthsMaximizer™ Series

Strengths Assessment (Gallup)

Gallup created the science of strengths. Using 50 years of research and tested processes, Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessments have helped millions of people discover what they do best.

Strengths Evaluation

Before learning about Strengths, taking this assessment provides a base-line of information around a Strengths Culture as well as provides a picture of what a team will learn and become.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Ordinary people have the potential to offer something extraordinary to their world. The difference is five letters: “extra” – a little bit more. We can be a little bit more aware of our unique Talents. This workshop is designed to help individuals achieve excellence through developing Talents and applying who we truly are.

The Strengths DNA

The Strengths DNA is designed to highlight the specific structure and function of each of the Talent Themes; exposing the potential greatness. The Strengths DNATM tool is designed to help people embrace the complexity of their Talents.

Strengths Link (Accountability Matrix)

This tool is designed as a first step in evaluating what activities invigorate you and what activities are part of your day that exhaust you. The key to the latter is that you can partner with those who have differing Talents to help you succeed.

Listening with Talents

When Talents are applied with Active Listening – listening with a purpose – we build stronger connections, and healthier teams. This workshop is both a self-evaluation and team exercise designed to help people discover how to build trust in the way they listen with their Talents.

Attending/Inhibiting/Remembering with Strengths

This tool provides a process by which people can evaluate the practical application to their top five Talent Themes and how they build toward Strength Activities.


This workshop contains leadership practices from each of the 34 Signature Talent Themes (Gallup StrengthsFinder) around how to meet the four needs of followers (trust, compassion, stability, and hope) and an exercise that allows individuals to highlight action steps on how to lead from their top Five Talent Themes.


The final step in strengths development is to write a description of oneself that summarizes and distills the accumulated information a person has gained over the series of months in self-discovery and from his/her trusted team. The description weaves themes from the feedback together with your self-observations into a composite of who you are at your best. It concludes with a personal Mission Statement based on your top Five Talent Themes.

Strengths Journal

This tool is a 30-Day Awareness Exercise designed to help a person track their learnings and practices around their Top 5 Talent Themes.

Trust Magnifier

This is a workshop where the team will learn the definition of trust, define the process to build the highest level of trust, practice building trust, and implement a personal Action Plan to create a culture of trust.

Staying “Out of the Box”

Participants are asked to read the book – Leadership and Self-Deception (Arbinger Institute). Self-Deception is the #1 obstacle to organizational effectiveness. This workshop is more than a “book study.” It is designed to unpack the principles of the book, identifying “self-deception” and how it impacts our work and how to interact with people more humanly.

The Conflict Intensifier

This workshop is designed to tackle the reality of conflict and help people learn how to be in relationship with people by learning their conflict profile, their conflict style, and integrate skills to have important and sometimes, difficult conversations that lead to a team’s success.

Navigating Emotions

Emotions influence almost everything we do in the workplace. In this workshop, we identify situations impacted by emotions, learn to notice our emotions, and adopt an effective emotional vocabulary to navigate emotions moving forward.

A Team’s Pursuit of Execution

Execution matters. And it will not happen by accident. This workshop is built on the premise that execution matters and takes intentional effort – a whole-hearted pursuit, along with well-defined practices to achieve it.