The Phases of The Results Optimizer™

The Results Optimizer™ combines a fully realized plan with a complete, company-wide leadership transformation in order to overcome this obstacle and drive exceptional results.
Phase 1: The Elephant Conversation™

Identifying the “elephant” in the meeting room that are obstacles to success.

Phase 2: The Momentum Accelerator™

Clarifying the road map to getting things done and assuring that the right people are in the right spot for optimum performance.

Phase 3: The Leadership Demonstrator™

A transformational leadership system designed to know when and how to “manage” and “lead” combining processes that are both art and skill.

Phase 4: The Dynamic Advantage™

Focusing on sustaining your new strategies and behaviors that build stronger teams and a healthy culture.

Phase 5: The Value Multiplier™

A philosophy to drive valuation for companies that have a planned liquidity event in the near future.


While The Results Optimizer

 is defined in phases, Tools, Workshops and Exercises can be interspaced in any phase. A few words about some of our terminology:

WORKSHOP – an interactive learning session that can run from one hour, to all-day, to multiple days

TOOL – a physical document designed to be used as a “stand alone” or as part of an educational curriculum.

EXERCISE – an activity conducted in a workshop setting

CURRICULUM – A combination of workshops, tools and exercises to accomplish a specific purpose. Because of the great number of tools we have created, we can create a customized curriculum based on the specific needs of a client. We also have created some standard curricula with Outcome Objectives which include:

The Leadership Intensifier™ (6, all-day sessions)

Building a STRONGER Team (18, all-day sessions)


The Kolbe Indexes

The Kolbe A Index measures and validates your instincts: your natural drive and the way to take action. Purposeful and conscious actions fueled by your instincts are conative; coming from the Latin word “conatus—any natural tendency, impulse, or directed effort.” Conation is the part of your mind that deals with instinct: mode of striving; volition.


results and accountability impact culture, how holding people responsible creates a better company culture