Optimize your life through clarity, purpose and action!

Nexecute recognizes that transformation is literally a change of the mind and heart. It is work that happens inside of an individual who is ready to commit to a process of self-awareness and self-management. This process is accelerated with good coaches and the right Tools.
Life Calibrator

This Tool provides the means to discover passions, priorities, values, talents, and self-imposed obstacles. The result of this seminal piece is that the person will be able to know and articulate his/her Purpose, uncover their Core Values, and clearly articulate a Personal Mission Statement around their unique strengths.

Extraordinary Strengths™

Ordinary people have the potential to offer something extraordinary to their world. The difference is five letters: “extra” – a little bit more. We can be a little bit more aware of our unique Talents while embracing the complexities of them. This Tool is designed to help individuals achieve excellence through developing Talents and applying who they truly are. It includes an introduction to Clifton StrengthsFinder Top Five Talents, learning how to define your individual strengths and how to apply them to your work and relationships, the shadow side of your strengths, and how to reframe the way you approach your weaknesses.

Life Below the Waterline™

The waterline is the analogy of the iceberg where 10% of what is seen above the water and the rest is unexposed. This Tool is designed to introduce the principles of transformation and outlines the plan for better self-awareness and self-management. This Tool takes the Life Below the Waterline principles deeper, offering a four-step process of practicing the principles of transformation. These steps are about developing self-awareness, helping people uncover the motivation for their attitudes, emotions, and actions, and then learning how to live with the clarity of detached interdependence based on the principles of The Recalibrated State.

The Recalibrated State™

This Tool summarizes the well-researched process of change theory and practically helps people see that every day there is a choice to make: choosing to live in a rigid state of control and EGO or choosing to transcend EGO and live transformational: driven by purpose, values, and a servant attitude.

Autonomous Interdependence™

This Tool describes the concepts and intentional practices of being both autonomous and interdependent at the same time. Autonomous: gifted with a set of strengths and choose to humbly and confidently serve others. Interdependent: being an integral part of the whole where I join with others who serve with their strengths contributing to the sustainable success of something great.

Stories Matter™

Each one of us is a story; a unique, once-on-the-earth life. No one else will ever do life in the way we are written to reveal. We need to own our story, tell the truth of our story, and understand the themes of our story to live our life well. Included is a Story Template, a guideline to help people gain clarity about the truth of their story and uncover themes that are both obstacles to overcome and the path to clarity and purpose.

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This Tool contains essential support pieces to help people interpret their story and calibrate their lives accordingly:

Genogram Exercise: An exercise designed to help individuals begin to process the people and circumstances that have shaped their life.

Passion Theme: An exercise designed to help uncover areas of passion that can be uncovered in the books they read, the movies they watch, etc.

Picture Theme Exercise: An exercise designed to help individuals begin to process passions, hopes and visions that are locked in pictures that intrigue us. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we use pictures to unlock deeper passions.

Core Value Exercise 1 – Words: An exercise designed to help individuals dig beyond behaviors, wants and needs…to that which is important to them.

Core Value Exercise 2 – Context: The follow-up exercise is designed to help individuals give context and meaning to their Core Values; including getting feedback from trusted friends.

Accepting Hypocrisy™

Robert E. Quinn writes, “I believe that [the] ability to see [our] own hypocrisy is a source of transformational power.” This Tool is designed to help people face their hypocrisy, addressing issues like: why facing hypocrisy is essential, what is the effect of hypocrisy in our personal and professional life and what are the steps to living more authentically.

The Principle of the Leak™

After spending time with someone you may begin to sense their energy. Energy is a combination of their past, their mindset, their dominant thoughts and beliefs and their perception of the world. Sometimes it is felt and at other times it may present itself as a certain “like” or “dislike” of a person. Whether it’s positive or negative energy, every person leaks and it has more long-term influence than anything that person does. This Tool examines the four principles of Leak.

Healing Emotions

Many people aren’t sure what to do with their emotions. Others have been taught that some emotions are bad and other emotions are good. Research proves that our bodily state precedes and informs cognition and thus are an integral part of the process of integration. Emotions are a necessary part of our psyches and relational interactions. They are data that should not be ignored. It is a skill to learn how to handle emotions honorably, thereby, recognizing a healthy flow of emotions and the destructive impact of not handling them well.


This workbook is subtitled “The Five Principles and Practices of Recalibrate YouTM.”  This Tool is designed to be used to coach individuals or lead a small group. The introduction states that self-awareness is the introductory trait of transformational person and becoming a Transformational Leader, as opposed to a transactional leader. The topics introduced are: Below the Water, The Principle of the LeakTM, Your Story Matters, The Four Healing Emotions, and Morphing DynamicsTM. This Tool serves as an introduction to each principle that can be explored more in depth with the other individual RecalibrateYouTM Tools.